San Pedro the immortal cactus

Dakota Treespirit gifted me this San Pedro cactus cutting, telling me it was rooting. After six months I took it out of the pot and saw the lower half colonized by ants. That’s why it is so brown.

I removed it from the pot, and cut some green parts from it then brewed mescaline tea. 
I let the cactus sit and dry out in the pot, somewhat absentmindedly. A month later, my counselor remarked on the cactus that was “rooting”. I peered into the pot and saw it grew a bud, after months of dormancy! That elated me. I put so much conscious energy into the plant and it created a bud somewhat miraculously.
Another thing is that you can’t even tell that I cut the cactus and ate it. Somehow it self healed. All in all this is a remarkable Teacher and healer and it has always given me more than I expected in the most cozy and comfortable way possible. 

the miracle bud



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