This Mudra is wonderful for balancing the mind and emotions, and especially helpful in emotional challenges and bringing greater clarity. This Mudra stimulates the five elements, allowing your energy to move freely through the subtle channels called Nadi’s and Chakra’s. The thumb represents fire, the index finger air, the middle finger sky or ether, the ring finger is earth and the pinky is water. place your right hand on top of the left and touch the tips of the thumbs rest your hands comfortably in your lap close your eyes and breathe naturally sit quietly for about five minutes and allow a sense of wholeness to embrace you

The yoga gesture for removing obstacles. These Yoga Hand Mudras activate the Fire Element. Helps to strengthen everything to do with the heart, giving us self-confidence and courage. learning hypnosis hand mudras ganesha hatha yoga symbols sit or stand with your spine straight position your left hand in front of the Heart Chakra, palm facing away from the chest bend the fingers take your right hand, palm facing toward the chest, grasp the left hand at the fingers the fingers of both hands are now interlocked together exhale, tighten your grip and strongly pull your hands apart without releasing inhale, relax your grip repeat these steps at least five times when complete, release your hands, open the palms, place them onto your Heart Chakra repeat the whole sequence but reverse the hands. Variation: Repeat from step one, instead of having your forearms horizontal, position them diagonal: one elbow going upward at a slant, the other elbow going downward at a slant

The yoga gesture for vitality. Reduces fatigue and nervousness. Enhances the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain, and helps vision. Along with slow and gentle breathing, gives stability and calmness. nidra meditations hatha yoga hand mudras symbols hypnosis on each hand, place the thumb on the tips of the fourth and fifth fingers together Or — place the thumb on top of the fourth and fifth finger nails keep the other fingers straight and extended with steady breathing, hold for at least five minutes

The yoga gesture for life energy. This Hand Mudra aids in the removal of toxins and wastes from your body. Because it stimulates the Wood Element, Liver and Gall Bladder are brought into balance, giving us inner balance, patience, and harmony. goddess lakshmi hatha yoga hand mudras mudra symbols hypnosis on each hand, place the thumb on the tips of the third and fourth finger tips keep the other fingers straight and extended hold this hand mudra for five to fifteen minutes

Shankh Mudra The yoga gesture symbolizing your inner temple. This Hand Mudra looks like a conch shell that is blown in the mornings to announce the opening of the temple. hatha yoga hand mudras shankh symbols hypnosis grip your left thumb with your right hand, encircling the left thumb with your fingers straighten and extend your fingers of the left hand place your right thumb onto the extended third finger position the conch shell at the Heart Chakra or Throat Chakra chant OM for a couple of minutes, listening and being aware of its vibrations Or — chant The Sun Mantra, Surya mantra. The Surya mantra is the mantra used for harmonizing and influencing The Sun. This power sun mantra will also naturally energize the cosmic sound vibrations of all other planets through The Sun. Each planet also has its own mantra. This is one of the direct ways to energize and balance the planets with ourselves. When repeating planetary mantras, such as Surya mantra, it must be done with the highest intention, awareness, and concentration.


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