I’m walking by the rec center,

The light bulb goes on
It’s ok to be weird

Weird and believe in your dreaming

walking to the forest

where little creatures dwell.


my daughter was crying. I let her sleep on my shoulder, when I saw her eyes opened, I gently moved her to my lap, to look at me. she’s holding the string of my hoodie in her hands, moving it and smiling. she knows who I am.

I’m looking at my 2 month old daughter, she’s kicking her legs to my stomach and chewing her fingers and smiling.

“Oh you’re kicking me?
You used to kick me when you were inside me.”

She makes a face, surprised recognition.

She kicks more a surge of energy

“Not a lot though because you were a good baby. But you did kick.”

The emotions of a newborn amaze me. I know what she’s feeling because I taught her how to feel. Inside of me she formed, and grew, so I know what would she feel. In me, though, the emotions are muted from years of conditioning. In her, though, it is all so palpable and vibrant.

My mother holds her and growls in her ear. The child and I, simultaneously, surf the frequencies, We don’t like that, “She doesn’t like that.”

I’m holding Reina and we’re smiling and laughing. “Yes,” I say, and she smiles more. Yes. It’s the most blissful feeling.

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